The Extension Team was founded to create opportunities that help people enjoy better food, better nutrition, better health, and better living.  We share membership in a public company that offers high quality nutrition products, along with what has grown into a virtual shopping mall. This diversity of products and opportunities allows us to pick areas of specialization that appeal to each individual, while bringing the global market to your mailbox.

If you are interested in growing with The Extension Team, there are 5 ways you can benefit from our opportunities.

  1.  You can improve your health with better nutrition, essential oils, herbs, and skin care products. Purchase at retail pricing, or join to benefit from wholesale.  We have access to products from many companies, and we can meet most nutritional and natural health needs.
  2.  You can join our team for a support network.  Let’s face it.  Natural health is safe and effective, and food is the best medicine.  But lifestyle changes can be hard when everyone you know prefers fast food and your insurance only supports pharmaceutical approaches to health. By joining our network, you can surround yourself with people from all walks of life who are committed to healthy living.
  3. You can support local food and small businesses.  As much as 70% of every purchase you make from people in your community gets spent again in your community.  This local multiplier effect is so important for creating prosperity.  In an affiliate network like ours, many people in your own community can benefit from your purchases. Each of our members is an independent entrepreneur.  Many of us own other businesses as well.  But what sets us apart from other affiliate and multi-level marketing networks is our commitment to building local food systems.   We have strategically placed our entire network under farmers and gardeners who are working to bring better food into local communities. This means even our customers who are buying road side service plans, health care, or fashion items like  make-up and jewelry, are supporting local food systems and helping money recirculate in your community.
  4. You can learn where your nutritional products and food items are coming from.  Many people join direct marketing companies because membership brings transparency.  By joining, you have access to product formulators, founding members, customer service teams, and webinars that provide in depth information so that you can learn more than what the label states about the products that interest you.
  5. You can build your own team, and yes, you can earn income.  Talk to any Extension Team member about how this opportunity might work for you.