Monica Kekuewa and Co-host Tony Pranger Jr.  talk about how to get started with your own podcast show. We will get to know Tony, owner of bOpit SNM Podcast Network and we will talk about tips and info to help bring your podcast show to life.

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Monica Kekuewa is a creative director, graphic designer, web designer and social media marketer. She Started her podcast show, “Blue Spirit Studio: Creating Empowerment and Inspiration in Business and in Life” to help people move forward in their life using their gifts. She hopes that the information in her podcasts empowers and inspires them to create their best life!

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There are lots of reasons to have a podcast show. One main reason is that you can build a personal connection with our audience. If you have the content to support it and some time to dedicate toward recording and promoting your content, a podcast can go a long way toward growing your brand.