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What Does Freedom Mean to You?


What does freedom mean to you? In recent years we've heard discussions from left and right leaning communities alike about the absence of freedom in the United States.  Whether you blame it on inequality,

What Does Freedom Mean to You?2019-10-29T20:12:35-06:00

Easy Container Gardens on a Budget


Informed consumers are growing food at home to ensure that what they are consuming is both free of pesticides and rich in nutrients. These growers are quick to learn there are a lot of confusing

Easy Container Gardens on a Budget2019-10-26T17:28:42-06:00

Fix Your Microbiome. Fix Your Health.


Nine out of ten cells in your body are not even human!  That's right.   Most of the cells in your body belong to microscopic living creatures that can either support your good health or 

Fix Your Microbiome. Fix Your Health.2019-10-21T20:19:37-06:00

5 Ways You Can Grow with The Extension Team


The Extension Team was founded to create opportunities that help people enjoy better food, better nutrition, better health, and better living.  We share membership in a public company that offers high quality nutrition products, along

5 Ways You Can Grow with The Extension Team2019-09-26T20:59:54-06:00

Mineral Enhanced Infused Water


  Sometimes recommended daily allowances are not enough. This recorded webinar presents reasons why we might need trace minerals, and presents some simple steps you can take to add trace minerals to your diet. To

Mineral Enhanced Infused Water2019-09-01T17:24:16-06:00

Flowers this Good Need to Stay Fresh


  The cut flowers shown in this infographic were grown in New Mexico at Calhoun Flower Farms (http://www.calhounflowerfarms.com).  Tune into Episode 25 of Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets, coming in September, 2019.  Hear why the gals

Flowers this Good Need to Stay Fresh2019-08-14T22:33:19-06:00

A Few Things to Know About Hemp and CBD


  Chronic Pain Is Opening Eyes to the Value of Low THC Hemp Forty  years ago, hemp was widely considered synonymous with marijuana, and associated with an anti-establishment counter culture. Today, hemp is as hip

A Few Things to Know About Hemp and CBD2019-07-17T09:46:06-06:00