A position on the Extension Team allows your business to maintain its individuality while networking with a team

It takes many kinds of entrepreneurs to rebuild a food system.  Our vision as The Extension Team is to build a network that supports all of the diverse talents needed to make better food, better nutrition, better health and better living widely accessible to our network partners.   We do this by:

1. Participating in a unique marketing network which allows each of us to benefit professionally and financially from the referrals and recommendations made by one another.

2.  Promoting one another by sharing online content and referrals.

3.  Highlighting products and opportunities that help members improve their health, nutrition, individual leadership skills, energy, and financial status.

4.  Making commitments to welcome organic and regenerative farmers, home gardeners, and green or healthy  living entrepreneurs into our network.

5.  Empowering one another to develop those unique skills and abilities that set us apart from box stores and digital powerhouses, and make us attractive to those who seek more personal connections with those they do business with.

Our network serves members throughout the US, and has potential to grow beyond borders.  Yet no matter where we are each of us is committed to making healthier food and healthier living more accessible and more affordable within our circle of influence.   If you believe that your business could benefit from becoming part of our network, contact the member of The Extension Team who referred you here for more details.  Did you find our website on your own?  Browse our membership and contact the person whose profile best aligns with your business interests.