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Dr. Mary Lucero
Dr. Mary LuceroOwner of Endofite Enterprises, LLC

Building Nutrition from the Soil to the Gut

Hi I’m Dr. Mary Lucero founder of  The Extension Team. This team puts a new twist on community supported agriculture. By connecting local farmers and gardeners to expanding networks of health-conscious and business entrepreneurs. The Extension Team creates synergy that unites local food producers with people who value good food and the farmers who produce it.

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    About Mary Lucero

    In 2012, I believed my colleagues and I had solved the technical challenges of growing more food, more sustainably, while combating climate change.  Together, we proposed using microbial interactions to ignite a global evergreen revolution*.  At the time, I had concluded that microbes already living in the environment can accomplish almost everything we use chemicals in agriculture, food production, and healthcare to achieve.

    As I looked at the many ways that microbes work to clean the environment, build healthy soils, promote sustainable agriculture, and support human health, I came to believe restoring microbial biodiversity is critical, not only for agricultural sustainability, but for our health, our economy, and our survival as a species. I opened End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC to provide information and resources that help growers and people with chronic health concerns increase the microbial biodiversity critical for restoring productivity.

    Changes that restore functional microbial communities we call microbiomes are not technically challenging.  Whether we are talking about soil health or your health, I can very quickly teach the basic nutritional and cultural or lifestyle principles that allow healthy microbiomes to thrive.  However, implementing these principles may  require significant changes in the way we grow and prepare our food, the way we care for our families, and even the way we manage our money.  As a member of The Extension Team, I can offer clients access to a growing network of experts that can straighten out the complicated twists and turns that arise as you implement change.

    The services I provide are listed below. Find other active members of The Extension Team on our home page.   Thank you for supporting our efforts.

    * This link connects to an independent site that is not directly affiliated with either Our Extension Team or Dr. Mary Lucero

    Together we can restore healthy food systems with:

    Online Courses

    Study microbial restoration for soil health or for your health at your own pace through our online learning platform.

    Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets Podcast

    No time for classes? Learn on the go. In Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets, we cover topics that help you make informed decisions about microbes, mineral nutrients and ideas that are fundamental for healthy living.

    Online Store

    Support regenerative farms and gardens when you buy products and services from our affiliate store.

    Join our Team

    Would you like to be part of an incredible network that is restoring local food economies?

    Contact me here to learn how you can become a member of The Extension Team.

    Support New Farmers

    Our Regenerative Aggie Scholarship Fund supports students at New Mexico State University who are preparing to own and operate organic or regenerative farms.   Make your secure, tax deductible contribution today. (This fund is independently managed by the Office of University Advancement at New Mexico State University)

    Microbial Health Services

    Would you like to be part of an incredible network that is restoring local food economies?

    Contact me here to learn how you can become a member of The Extension Team.

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    Here are 4 ways End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC helps growers and consumers enjoy healthier food systems:

    1. Provide information highlighting the benefits of restoring natural microbiomes and mineral nutrients.
    2. Restore beneficial microbes  and soil food webs to improve agricultural production, human nutrition, and ecosystem function.
    3. Build regenerative farm networks that link local growers to consumers who are seeking healthier food choices.
    4. Provide biologically derived minerals and whole food supplements that address deficiencies across entire food webs.
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    Here are some benefits of healthy microbiome:

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    When You Restore Microbiomes You Will Start Seeing:

    Healthier Crops

    Healthier Soils

    Healthier Food

    Healthier People

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