Taking chances and thinking out of the box are part of the status quo for Melissa Brice and her team of wellness advocates at the  Reclaim Wellness Center for Holistic Healing in Las Cruces, NM. This team of associates recognizes that in a nation where 6 out of 10 of adults are known to have one or more chronic illnesses, business-as-usual is not enough.  Melissa’s team combines the conventional medical services of a licensed nurse practitioner with an array of alternative options provided by experts in massage therapy, Reiki, herbal health, medical aesthetics and more.

Recently, Brice is exploring a new dimension to Reclaim Wellness…the addition of locally grown herbs raised on a family farm.   No doubt, adding a small farming operation to the mix will reap benefits.   Herbalists obtaining lavender, sage, and other herbs from the farm will have confidence about how their products were grown.  Informed clients will also appreciate that their own efforts to be healthy are supporting efforts that build soil health and promote healthy local economies.

The plan on the drawing board is to return currently fallow farmland that once belonged to her late grandfather to production.  Where fresh market produce was once grown, Melissa hopes to plant lavender, sage, and other herbal products for which there has been high demand at Reclaim Wellness.  Soils will be managed organically, using regenerative practices that increase carbon levels, biological activity, and mineral nutrients.  This is important for building soils that produce valuable herbs, but it is also important for sequestering atmospheric carbon and storing valuable irrigation water in the soil, where more of it is available for plant growth.  Lavender also provides excellent habitat for honeybees and other valuable pollinators.

You can hear details about these plans on a recent episode of the Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets podcast, below.

Contact Melissa Brice here at ourextensionteam.com, or by email letsgrow@reclaimlc.com, if you are interested in learning more about this project.