Many hands make light work.  This is the power behind building networks.   The Extension Team was founded on the belief that many of the problems our world is facing today (climate change, health care costs, mental and physical ailments, financial and economic challenges…) can be made more manageable if we can build teams (tribes, if you will) of members who are committed to solving those problems that we have solutions for.  For example, we know how to combat climate change—we simply need to rebuild living soils that sequester CO2.  We know how to reduce health care costs—-we simply embrace preventive lifestyles that include good nutrition, time outdoors, and time to de-stress with friends and family. We know how to improve local economies—simply commit to buying more of the things you need from people you know and wish to support.

In Episode 19 of the Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets podcast, we gain insights into some of the ideals embraced by The Extension Team members who are working to promote better living.

If you are a farmer, a gardener, a chef, or even a cosmotologist who is committed to your trade, but also sees value in connecting with teams of professionals who are passionate about building better communities by supporting eachother through our network, please visit any member of The Extension Team and ask how you can get involved.